1166 FCU Charter Change

1166 FCU Charter Change

1166 FCU charter change removes its restriction to serve those affiliated as select employers only and approves it to serve more than 1.5 million additional members. This charter change is a result from the National Credit Union Associations’ approval of the credit union’s Strategic Planning Committee’s application to increase the size and scope of its membership on June 15, 2023. The charter change states that these new members can be “persons who live, work (or regularly conduct business in), worship, or attend school in, and businesses and other legal entities” within prescribed underserved communities in the Philadelphia, PA, Camden, NJ, Southern New Jersey, and Wilmington, DE, areas.

1166 FCU is expanding to serve this larger territory of members, specifically unserved communities, bringing financial resources to areas that traditionally lacked this support. This change allows 1166 FCU to compete against other financial institutions and provide its services to more members.

What Is An Unserved Community?

An unserved community is one that lacks the resources and tools it needs to provide a good quality of life to its population. This includes affordable housing, jobs, food, financial support, and similar factors. Most of the population within an unserved community lives under the poverty line.

What Locations Does The New 1166 FCU Charter Change Now Serve?

The National Credit Union Association has approved the expansion of our service area to include communities in Southern New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Northern Delaware.

Click HERE or text your zip code to 91989 for a list of branches near you.

Do I Have Access To The Same Services And Resources?

Of course! Nothing will change about your access to the financial tools and resources you need or the quality of support we provide.

What Is The New 1166 FCU Branding And Tagline?

As we now serve more than select employer groups, including our founding employer Mobil Research, we removed “Research” from our name. We are now known as “1166 Federal Credit Union” or “1166 FCU” for short. Our new name keeps things simple and easy, just like our services.

Our new tagline is “Our numbers add up to service and savings” in reference to the 1166 included in our name. While ‘1166’ references our official charter number, we like to think our numbers add up to the positive interactions and beneficial results our members experience every day. Our blue and green colors symbolize the professionalism, harmony, and financial prosperity we seek to provide to our members.

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